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Incontrovertible, ubiquitous evidence shows that the 21st Century global community has been witnessing an unprecedented revolution in the development of digital and communication technologies as key drivers of transformation and growth in key social institutions. Scholars believe that this digital revolution has not only serious research implications for the Arts/Social Sciences and Pure Sciences but also practical benefits for the larger society.

Consequently, the emergence of Digital Humanities (DH) as a response to this revolution has sparked off informed, critical debates on, as well as exploration of, the application of computational methods and digital technology for research and studies in the humanities. As a research and academic unit, CEDHUL aligns with current global debates and efforts to provide multidisciplinary and transnational platforms for collaborative and innovative ideas among the intersecting disciplines.

Tunde Ope-Davies (Opeibi)
Chair & Principal Investigator

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John Henry is currently a graduate student in France, studying his Master’s Degree in Rare Books and Digital Humanities at the University of Franche-Comté, Besancon, Franche-Comté. He is currently at the Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Lagos for a joint research, on a pilot project titled: LIT TECH: LAGOS: A Digital exploration of Lagos City in Selected Literary Texts


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Theme: Digital Tools & Hypertext Praxis in African Digital Literature

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